[VN] [ENG] Glare 1more 2.1.0b (Kurenaibook)

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About Glare 1more

Glare 1more is a remake of the free game, Glare 1, and includes a bonus scenario.
If you enter the correct words and phrase during Glare’s conversation the story will advance.
After answering the company questionnaire, a maid robot named Glare is shipped to you in a cardboard box.
You talk with her and pursue the truth behind her delivery.
You and Glare investigate an accident inside a certain place.
You pay attention to the items placed around you and clarify the cause.

Changed parts compared with the free version

Changed the tool to TiranoBuilder.
Changed the characters to Live2D.
Added word search.
Changed the screen resolution size: 800600 → 1024768
Remake: added the bonus scenario y.
Added a checkpoint system.
Eased the difficulty.
Other fixes.
The addition of the English version.

It does not start in Windows XP. Because it does not satisfy the condition of Live2D environment.
There is a part of the story that involves adult content.
This game is difficult. Because it is translated, it is even more difficult.
You do not have to play alone.
It’s better to exchange information with someone else.
There is no BGM in this game. It expresses itself through staging.

Key Features

• Cute animation by Live2D.
• HENTAI animation by Moho.
• 2 mysterious scenarios.
• A game to input words.

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