[VN] [ENG] Crimson Gray – Dusk And Dawn 1.1.0 (Sierra Lee)

About Crimson Gray – Dusk and Dawn

Lizzie has it all: a loving boyfriend, a beautiful collection of knives, and an intense desire to murder. She’s escaped the conspiracy that forced her to kill in self-defense, but now she needs to adjust to normal college life.
All Lizzie wants is to act like a normal couple, graduate from university, and get married. But a committed relationship isn’t enough to stabilize her, and she finds herself spending a lot of time with her knives.
This visual novels plunges you into the mind of a deeply unstable young woman, viewed entirely from her skewed perspective. Your task is to find a way for her to be a normal student, a supportive partner, and not a serial killer. This is a short visual novel with an emphasis on unreliable narration and subtle consequences of the player’s actions.

Key Features

● Unusual consequences and unreliable narration
● Visual Novel Style Interactions
● No DRM
● Windows, Mac, and Linux

One comment

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