[RPG] [ENG] Niplheim’s Hunter – Branded Azel 1.1.0 (HappyHand)

Download: Niplheim’s Hunter 1.1.0 0 0 301

About Niplheim’s Hunter – Branded Azel

The game features smooth, grind free gameplay with beautiful art by Black Train and equally great pixel art by Sugar Star. There are no missable/time limited scenes/events so you can play the game in any way you want. The game also features text skip, event skip and a gallery where you can view all the scenes you have unlocked, bestiary of all enemies and a gallery of character portraits. +45 H-scenes of Azel and two other girls getting fucked in a variety of situations.

Equipment Crafting & Dress Up Outfit System:
You can create armors and improve weapons by collecting materials from demon beasts. All of the armors have illustrations, movement & battle pixel art, and there’s more than 10 armors you can get.
You can also equip armors in a Costume slot, so you can wear and see your favorite armor while having another armor equipped.

Lust Brand & EP System:
Azel can utilize the magic of the Lust Brand on her abdomen and use special skills. Using skills raises your EP and when it hits 100,the Lust Brand goes wild and Azel goes in heat. Monsters & humans affected by the Lust Brand will fuck Azel in a variety of scenes. EP resets after in-battle scenes and you can also reset it by doing events during the night.

Variety of H-Scenes:
In addition to the text rich ADV style scenes, there are also battle fuck scenes and you can enjoy watching the heroine get fucked endlessly with a hands-free system (the sex ends when you press a button).

H-Stats Menu:
Each time Azel has an orgasm, has her sensitivity increased and whenever she milks semen, the Lust Brand records these experiences and if you meet the requirements, you can learn helpful passive skills.

Key Features

• 15 Outfits and Most Outfits Have Unique H-Scenes Related to Them
• Craft Weapons and Armors/Outfits from Materials You Get From Monsters
• 6 Areas to Explore With +30 Enemies and +35 Quests
• Base CGs: 34 (~600 images in total)
• H-Scenes: +30 and 15 Battle H-Scenes
• Funny Dialogue Between Characters
• No DRM
• Windows


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